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    Founders, Ahmad D. Brooks, Frank J. Muñoz, Glen P. Mayes, Lee A. Jackson and Rob H. Babers, have shared a consistent connection and camaraderie for years dating back as early as our preadolescence years. HALO was founded in 2012 on the ideas of friendship, brotherhood and leadership. We all recognized the need for a leadership program specifically for athletes […]



AFTER SCHOOL LEADERSHIP PROGRAM We are proud to partner with Soccer Zone South to bring Austin the best leadership program in Texas. The program for BOYS and GIRLS begins with a healthy snack at 3:15 pm and concludes with a fun fitness activity at 4:15 pm. Pick up between 5:15 – 5:45 pm. Soccer Zone South […]

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HALO believes leadership is not the outcome of a single event. Rather, it is more of a continuous, uninterrupted process that is similar to a beating heart or a rhythmic marching band. Leadership can be elusive and confusing for youth at times. Certain factors in childhood can predispose a person to great leadership. The most […]

Leadership Building

IMG_1788H.A.L.O., Helping Adolescents Lead Others, LLC. is the newest leadership and sports program in Texas. We work directly with adolescents, student-athletes, schools and sports teams to discover and develop leadership skills that produce winning results on and off the field. We take young people through leadership building exercises which help advance people-skills and teach them how to trust in teamwork. We provide entertaining presentations on leadership honor code, scholarly presence, communication, peer-modeling, anti-bullying, and media training.  Our presentation is catered to your liking on what you want your leaders to hear. H.A.L.O. strongly believes people grow and become leaders by making a commitment to a cause, and having personal responsibility and accountability. HALO specializes in Motivational Presentations on Leadership, Leadership Building Workshops or 3-Day Leadership Seminars on-site for participating partners or at Soccer Zone South(available upon request).  For information please call (512) 827 – 9195 or email ahmad.brooks@haloaustin.com.